Me! Me! Me!

Okay, so after the realizations and goal-settings, here's me, doing more of those if-then-else analyses than i ever did in my life. After being submissive and content with what i have, this time i'm aiming for more. My baby is now three, giving me more freedom to rediscover myself. Hubby's also doing something with his career. Little bro living with us now finds stable life in university. And i'm more than just glad to see the people around me progressing in their own little ways. This time, it's me, me, me.



So how does a new 28 year old feel?

Excited for the remaining two years before I turn 30. This is the best time to realize you need to attain more serious goals in life. Mine would include passing JLPT 4 this year, and JLPT 3 next year; add 'sr.' to my current title at work; earn enough to renovate our house to include a tiny veranda on the second floor, a multimedia room for hubby and a paint/sketch/drawing room for me (next to the window, of course); have a grand family vacation including mom, dad and bros; give something to help build my folks' new home. I can never ask for more in my life as a wife and mother. I think the remaining two years before becoming 30 is enough to accomplish those selfish dreams.


Trying to get by

Money has been frequently dwelling on my mind the past few weeks. It probably started when me and hubby decided to manage each of our own monies and split on every household bill. Although I bring in less bacon than he does, which means there would be so little or even a virtually negative amount left for me after paying the bills, I think it’s generally a good thing. This set-up pushes me to aim high, do more, and become the person I want to be. In my pursuit to develop my writing skills and earn from it, I recently subscribed to a site where I could bid for freelance projects. I’m still at the building-my-profile stage, and just a minute ago I received an email from the site reminding me that I need to get my butt in there and contribute to their business. I’m planning to spend a few more hours tonight to polish my profile and maybe start bidding for jobs. I need to earn an additional 4k a month (at least) to pay my extra bills. I hope this thing works for me.

On the other hand, I feel so fortunate that despite my being broke, I have a family to make me embrace life’s beauty. My son’s fast becoming a “big boy”, as he says it. He’s becoming very assertive, observant, funny, independent, inclined to eating fish than pork, beef or cold cuts, and … really obsessed with trains. His dad bought him another set this weekend (in lieu of the time he spent at the office on a Sat). The kiddo was so into it last night he went to bed a little more late than he used to. And of course, the unsceasing playback of The Polar Express for the entire weekend, and Youtube's Thomas the Train episodes, which added to the spirit. He never gets tired of anything trains-related. What concerns me though is his dad being too glad about his son’s obsessions. I used to see those beaming eyes from my dad’s friends when they see their sons do something naughty. And those eyes always made me feel like they seem to pose potential trouble. But, anyway, hubby says he sees himself in our son the obsession, or to put it better, the passion he had for something. He thinks the little tyke is likely to succeed in life just like daddy. I think so, too.