To lead or not to lead

An expat gave me a pat in the back a while ago… After all the talk, he said to me, “you have good leadership skills…”

He was talking about how he thinks me dragging along several people to eat salad during lunch was cool. He said what I did to a trimmed-down client was amazing. He never even thought I could convince a guy in his department to munch fresh veggies for lunch.

Whew! That got me! All throughout grade school, high school and college I had been leading teams but never got such a comment; straight-forward and non-superficial as that. I know I have the gift to convince and influence people, and have somehow thought I’m a better leader than a manager when my hubby and I discuss about the differences between the two positions.

Then I realized what if I changed career paths and do something that will complement my “leadership skills”.