boy, am i glad i didn't sign up for a sewing class!

it could've costed me a basic sewing machine's worth, more time stolen from hubby and son, and then some... am i glad i didn't enrol! I was really about to, when i heard that the fashion school director bears the same name as mine! but, i waited. boy, keeping a little more of that thing called patience really paid off.

what i was talking about is this free beginner tutorial on sewing. The lady, who i think is French (think Coco) in the videos, is just the type of teacher i could never forget in my lifetime. Step-by-step instructions plus clear videos shot just at the right angles are very helpful to the beginner. Her basic videos, such as how to operate the sewing machine and how to do basic stitches, were given for free if you sign up on her website. I was thinking of subscribing to her intermediate how-to videos, maybe later - when i find another free resource that i won't need to pay for it. Haha!

I'm off to buying my first sewing machine next week! Weeee....

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